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National Grid plc is an electricity and gas utility focused on transmission and distribution activities in both the United Kingdom and the United States. Business segments include UK Electricity Transmission, UK Gas Transmission, National Grid Ventures and other activities, and US Regulated Gas and Electricity distribution and transmission networks.


In the UK we own and operate the electricity transmission network in England and Wales, with day-to-day responsibility for balancing supply and demand. We also operate, but do not own, the Scottish networks. Our networks comprise approximately 7,200km (4,474 miles) of overhead line, 1,500km (932 miles) of underground cable and 342 substations. We also own and operate the gas National Transmission System in Great Britain, with day-to-day responsibility for balancing supply and demand. Our network comprises approximately 7,660km (4,760 miles) of high-pressure pipe and 618 above-ground installations. As Great Britain’s System Operator, we make sure gas and electricity is transported safely and efficiently from where it is produced to where it is consumed. From April 2019, the Electricity System Operator (ESO) will be a new standalone business within National Grid, legally separate from all other parts of the National Grid Group. Other UK companies mainly relate to businesses operating in competitive markets outside of our core regulated businesses.



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Company biography coming soon

Company biography coming soon

Moixa is the renewable energy technology company. We develop Smart Battery hardware and our GridShare software, to manage energy storage and sharing, as well as smart charging of electric vehicles. At Moixa we believe that by raising the IQ of batteries the world can live in a renewable future. We are committed to supporting the move away from fossil fuels by optimising the way people generate, distribute and consume renewable energy.


Our GridShare® platform manages over 70MWh of residential batteries across 7000 homes in the UK and Japan – forming one of the world’s largest virtual power plants. The software uses AI to learn and optimise daily charging, leveraging low carbon resources and time-of-day tariffs. GridShare also enables utilities to aggregate and manage large fleets of batteries and electric vehicles in order to deliver flexibility services into ancillary markets.

Moixa was recently selected from 13,900 companies as a Global Cleantech 100 company, and has raised over £16m in funding in the last two years including investment from leading companies in Japan. The company has an unrivalled track record in energy storage innovation, gained over 12 years of research and delivery of £6m of grants and pilots, and has over 20 patents on key aggregation, smart storage and electric vehicle optimisation technologies.


Link: www.moixa.com

Company biography coming soon

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