27 - 28 September 2022 | London, UK



Networks Day

 - 10:00 BST
KEYNOTE PANEL: The Transition for DSOs: Connecting Networks & Accelerating Decarbonisation

The roles and responsibilities of DNOs and DSOs globally are changing, and many are adopting strategies specific to the transition to keep up. With an expected boost of billions of Euros into the industry, to reactivate and accelerate the development of European value chains, where assets will be significantly subsidized (in some countries even given for free), will they be able to connect everything that’s coming at them?

  • Where are the main areas of focus for DSO investments and strategies? – Digitisation programmes, connecting grid-edge technologies and engaging with consumers
  • Upcoming challenges for DSOs around accelerated decarbonization due to the Green Recovery Fund
  • Digitalisation strategies in place to ensure the continued uptake of digital solutions for networks
  • Reviewing market design to provide adequate regulatory framework
Luis Arturo Hernández Salmerón
, Head of Energy Communities and Networks
, E.ON Innovation
Mark Goudie
, DSO Manager
, SP Energy Networks
Molly Lempriere
, Deputy Editor
, Current News
Remy Garaude-Verdier
, Head of European Affairs
, Enedis
Roberto Castiglioni
, CEO & Co-Founder
, Ikigai Capital
 - 10:25 BST
Introducing Digital Power

In this presentation we will hear from Huawei as they enlighten us on their expertise through a series of case studies and show us how to harness power through digitilisation

Ivan Ivanov
, European Senior Product Development Manager
, Huawei Technologies
 - 11:15 BST
Panel Discussion
Weathering the Storm: Ensuring Network Reliability

As we experience more network constraints globally, pressure is on the transmission and distribution networks to ensure a smarter, more reliable grid for years to come. The smart integration of renewable energy with the grid is the key, but also the challenge of a generation.

  • How can networks use technology to enhance, automate and connect the existing grid?
  • Making the network more intelligent through increased connectivity and use of IoT platforms in order to communicate with other parts of the grid
  • Solutions such as smart metering, sensors, EV infrastructure and distributed renewables as the key to ensuring better observability and control of the grid now and for the future
Lauren Fisher
, Resilience Lead
, Energy Networks Association
Lynne McDonald
, Distribution System Operator Readiness Programme Manager
, UK Power Networks
Randolph Brazier
, Director of Innovation & Electricity Systems
, Energy Networks Association
Stewart Reid
, Head of Future Networks
 - 12:30 BST
Panel Discussion
Are UK Network Strategies Fit For Purpose?

Digitalisation and futureproofing are key for networks across the world, but the UK DNOs are steaming ahead with future planning and setting rules and standards for the next 5 years to ensure that targets are met. This session will examine whether the current strategies are fit for purpose, and where they need to get to if not.

  • What does ‘digital’ mean to the networks, and how are they ensuring that their intentions from the RIIO2 strategies translate into real-life benefits?
  • How do networks plan on making digital inclusion work for everyone?
  • What happens to the data they capture through the rollout of sensors, IoT platforms and how will it be used efficiently and ethically?
Jonathan Berry
, Head of Data & Digitalisation
, Western Power Distribution
Laurence Carpanini
, Independent Energy Industry Expert
Matthew Billson
, Deputy Director & Head of Energy Innovation Strategy
, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), UK Government
 - 13:00 BST
Speed Networking

Make the connections with 30 minutes dedicated to building your network. Join our virtual speed networking and let us take care of introducing you to new contacts with our dedicated networking software:

Speed Networking will place you in a room with 3 random contacts. Designed to replicate some of the spontaneity of making contacts during the coffee breaks at live events, the system even provides prompts to help facilitate conversation if required.

 - 15:30 BST
CASE STUDY: Where Ohms Law Meets Moore's Law - Energy Moving at the Speed of Technology

For 130 years, not much has changed with how we think about energy and power systems. Decarbonisation and advances in IoT, plus information and communication technologies opens the door to new ways of thinking about energy and power systems.

  • The digitalisation of energy will re-invent the grid to resemble a mesh network or a system of systems that looks more like the Internet or a web of energy systems
  • Sector coupling and decentralization will bring networking, 5G, cloud, cloud native, and edge together to build high-velocity, high-volume data environments to control, orchestrate, and choreograph energy
  • A low inertia grid will require us to completely rethink the people, processes, and technology necessary to decarbonise at scale and with speed
Shuli Goodman
, Executive Director
, LF Energy