21-22 September 2021 | Victoria Park Plaza, Victoria, London



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KEYNOTE: Powering Up for the Future: The Electrification of Everything

How will the power sector deal with the electrification of everything in the future? How will key energy players cope with the move to electrification and increased demand, and what technologies and digitalization strategies are needed to enable this? This session will cover electrification of the industry, EV fleets and increasing penetration of renewable technologies which are paving the way.

 - 10:00
KEYNOTE PANEL: Transition in a New Era and Building for the Future
  • How has lockdown impacted future planning for networks, grid operators and utilities? How will the transition be further shaped by shifts in the economy?
  • The changing landscape in demand and supply for consumers throughout the pandemic, how networks are tackling this and preparing for a post-lockdown economy
  • Dealing with the move away from cities and the effect on the power industry
  • Private sector leadership on how to make the transition attractive for utilities and legacy energy companies
Beatriz Crisóstomo Merino
, Head of Innovation Management
, Iberdrola
Ernesto Ciorra
, Chief Innovability Officer
, Enel Group
Tema Benhalima-Bouville
, Head of Strategy & Transformation
 - 10:30

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 - 11:15
KEYNOTE PANEL: The Transition for DSOs: Connecting Networks & Accelerating Decarbonisation

The roles and responsibilities of DNOs and DSOs globally are changing, and many are adopting strategies specific to the transition to keep up. With an expected boost of billions of Euros into the industry, to reactivate and accelerate the development of European value chains, where assets will be significantly subsidized (in some countries even given for free), will they be able to connect everything that’s coming at them?

  • Where are the main areas of focus for DSO investments and strategies? – Digitisation programmes, connecting grid-edge technologies and engaging with consumers
  • Upcoming challenges for DSOs around accelerated decarbonization due to the Green Recovery Fund
  • Digitalisation strategies in place to ensure the continued uptake of digital solutions for networks
  • Reviewing market design to provide adequate regulatory framework
Graham Campbell
, Head of Distribution System Operations
, SP Energy Networks
Luis Arturo Hernández Salmerón
, Head of Energy Communities and Networks
, E.ON Innovation
Roberto Zangrandi
, Secretary General
 - 12:00
Networking Break

We have missed networking just as much as you have and can’t wait to have some real human contact with the industry again! Use this time to catch up with industry peers or go and visit our exhibition booths in the main hall.



 - 12:45
PANEL: Weathering the Storm: Ensuring Network Reliability

As we experience more network constraints globally, pressure is on the transmission and distribution networks to ensure a smarter, more reliable grid for years to come. The smart integration of renewable energy with the grid is the key, but also the challenge of a generation.

  • How can networks use technology to enhance, automate and connect the existing grid?
  • Making the network more intelligent through increased connectivity and use of IoT platforms in order to communicate with other parts of the grid
  • Solutions such as smart metering, sensors, EV infrastructure and distributed renewables as the key to ensuring better observability and control of the grid now and for the future
Paulo Monteiro
, Head of Technology & Innovation
Sotiris Georgiopoulos
, Head of Smart Grid Development
, UK Power Networks
Stewart Reid
, Head of Future Networks
 - 12:45
PANEL: Long-Term Resiliency: Improving Asset Automation and Monitoring

A growing challenge for utilities and asset owners is how to enhance long-term resiliency and get real-time data at the same time, so they can take informed decisions on behalf of their customers.

  • Operational challenges for existing infrastructure and how technology can transform this into an opportunity
  • Optimisation and maximising value when in operation
  • Integrating software and IT infrastructure – how to securely transition the utility business model to remain resilient
  • Why connected, smart devices are the key to generators ensuring an uninterrupted flow of power
 - 13:15
CASE STUDY: What Can We Learn from the Italian Smart Meter Rollout?

Smart meter rollouts across Europe are in full swing. This session will address some of the challenges and successes of the rollout in Italy, into its second wave and with an aim to connect 100% of customers with smart meters by 2030.

  • The requirement for networks to find specific and interoperable solutions offering more than just metering and billing, but also fraud detection, power losses and customer data to inform decisions
  • The urgent need for smart meters installed at end-user level, assisting energy communities in becoming active stakeholders of the smart grid and making networks more digital
  • What key takeaways can be shared to help with subsequent rollouts in Europe?
Gianni Ceneri
, Head of Smart Meter Innovation & Industrialization
, Enel Global Infrastructure & Networks
 - 13:15
SPONSORED PRESENTATION: Solutions for a Smarter Utility of the Future

Please get in touch with Paul Collinson, pcollinson@solarmedia.co.uk for more information.

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Lunch & Networking



 - 15:30
PANEL: Are UK Network Strategies Fit For Purpose?

Digitalisation and futureproofing are key for networks across the world, but the UK DNOs are steaming ahead with future planning and setting rules and standards for the next 5 years to ensure that targets are met. This session will examine whether the current strategies are fit for purpose, and where they need to get to if not.

  • What does ‘digital’ mean to the networks, and how are they ensuring that their intentions from the RIIO2 strategies translate into real-life benefits?
  • How do networks plan on making digital inclusion work for everyone?
  • What happens to the data they capture through the rollout of sensors, IoT platforms and how will it be used efficiently and ethically?
Jonathan Berry
, Head of Data & Digitalisation
, Western Power Distribution
Laurence Carpanini
, Independent Energy Industry Expert
 - 15:30
PANEL: Energy Management Systems Connecting the Utility Sector

Many large energy consumers and offtakers are racing to streamline and make their energy usage more efficient, with a vision of creating smarter businesses. That’s where IoT comes into play, and the rise of the ‘Internet of Energy’.

  • How Energy Management Systems can offer better visualization of energy usage for asset owners and utilities
  • Time of use and when you are using energy is more important than how much energy you are using
  • Challenges of integrating IoT solutions into multiple and large-scale sites and overcoming the problem of integrating years of devices, hardware and software into one, cloud-based system
  • How IoT platforms give context to data to improve connectivity, visibility and intelligence
 - 16:15
Networking Break

We have missed networking just as much as you have and can’t wait to have some real human contact with the industry again! Use this time to catch up with industry peers or go and visit our exhibition booths in the main hall.

 - 16:15
Networking Break

We have missed networking just as much as you have and can’t wait to have some real human contact with the industry again! Use this time to catch up with industry peers or go and visit our exhibition booths in the main hall.



 - 17:00
PANEL: Enhancing Open Data & Collaboration for an Interconnected Electricity Market

Exchange and interoperability of data is a very prevalent topic, and as such poses a challenge on best practice and how to make the most of available data to accelerate the transition in a collaborative way.

  • Making data 'open' - what does this really mean for the industry?
  • Sharing capacity data at the transmission and distribution level both horizontally and vertically, for example to determine wholesale prices
  • How can we ensure that both streams of data flow are being shared in a way that is accessible to consumers - challenge of making the data understandable for smaller market participants
  • What is being done at the regulatory, European level where market coupling is a viable way to utilise available resources and knowledge, including data?
Gavin Starks
, Founder
, Icebreaker One
Simon Pearson
, Business Leader for Digital & Data
, Energy Systems Catapult (ESC)
 - 17:45
PANEL: Get Meaning from Data on Assets & Data-Sharing

Data is knowledge, knowledge is power. Data brings many opportunities for a more efficient system but can be a minefield for asset owners and utilities.

  • How can utilities with minimal experience in this area extract real meaning from data and how should they look at datasets?
  • What tools and solutions are available for collection of real-time data – SCADA & EMS solutions
  • The simultaneous opportunities and challenges of linking asset control to market conditions in real-time
  • Creating data catalogues for asset management and utilities to increase open data and visibility
 - 16:45
SPONSORED PRESENTATION: Cybersecurity: De-Risking Energy Systems of the Future

How can we ensure that data privacies aren’t infringed on, and cybersecurity and hacking doesn’t become more of a problem than the industry can handle?

  • How to address cybersecurity vulnerabilities
  • Tools to ready the industry for threats to the power and gas industry
 - 17:30
CLOSING PANEL: Behind the Firewall: The Evolution of Cybersecurity in the Utility Industry

Hacking and cyber-threats pose a huge problem for a utility sector under constant transformation and digitalisation. What can the sector do to protect itself and its customers?

  • Integrating IT into utilities to improve efficiency is exactly what the industry needs, but how do they overcome the increased threat of attacks?
  • What solutions can security companies offer to ease the worries for utilities?
  • The standardization of cybersecurity protocols for the industry
  • What needs to happen from a regulatory perspective to ensure that increasing frequency of signals and the move towards a smart grid doesn’t have a detrimental effect on the industry?
Eric Meyers
, Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer
, New York Power Authority
 - 19:00
Networking Drinks & Quiz

We can’t express how excited we are to be able to spend some time after the event catching up with old industry friends, meeting new ones and having a few drinks. We are all sick and tired of ‘virtual networking’ and very much looking forward to the real thing!