27 - 28 September 2022 | London, UK


Chris Pritchett

Foot Anstey
Chris Prithcett
22 Sep
 - 14:15 BST
Making Room for Digital Market Design

This session will cover how the requirements of market design for a digital energy sector are changing, new markets are forming and sometimes the old ones simply aren’t fit for purpose. How should the sector rethink energy markets?

  • How are regulators and those setting market rules thinking ahead to accommodate the necessary changes and enabling new regulatory design?
  • Local energy markets and their role in the new market design
  • Finding a way to decarbonise flexibility markets whilst enabling and encouraging active consumer participation at the same time
  • Digital platforms emerging to streamline and enable new market designs, and help with flexibility management
  • What is standing in the way of growth and what will it take to scale to full potential?