27 - 28 September 2022 | London, UK


Ivan Ivanov

European Senior Product Development Manager
Huawei Technologies
Ivan Ivanov - Huawei

Ivan Ivanov is the European Senior Product Development Manager at Huawei Technologies. He is responsible for the continuous improvement and development of Huawei FusionSolar Smart PV Solution and SUN2000 series inverters. Ivan has a master’s degree in Civil Engineering, a postgraduate degree in Electrical Engineering and is a member of the Energy Institute (EI) UK. Before being appointed to his current role, Ivan was a key member of Huawei’s European FusionSolar Service Management Team.

For the last 10 years Ivan has been working extensively in the solar energy sector across Europe and has had the opportunity to study in detail all the aspects of the solar project lifecycle – from design through to construction as well as commissioning to Operation and Maintenance.

21 Sep
 - 10:25 BST

In this presentation we will hear from Huawei as they enlighten us on their expertise through a series of case studies and show us how to harness power through digitilisation