27 - 28 September 2022 | London, UK


John Booth

John Booth LI

John Booth is a well-known figure in EU data centre circles, primarily for his role as reviewer for the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres (Energy Efficiency) (EUCOC) programme and his work with the Certified Energy Efficiency Data Centre Award (CEEDA) & Data Centre Alliance Certification which assesses data centres to a subset of the EUCOC best practices and EN 50600 respectively.

He is also the chair of the Data Centre Alliance’s (DCA) Energy Efficiency & member of the Sustainability steering group, shaping the DCA’s policy on these topics as well as providing support to the DCA in other steering groups and the Alliance’s wider activities.

28 Sep
 - 11:50 BST
Data & Interoperability

The world runs on data, therefore the data centre of the future needs to be decarbonised. In our increasingly digital world, these facilities play a much more important role than they used to, and this is predicted to keep on growing.

  • The importance of decarbonising data centre infrastructure and increasing efficiency
  • Data centres’ positioning at the intersection of energy efficiency, renewable energy and a data economy enabled by digitalisation
  • Partnering with ‘green’ utilities in order to ensure the power supply is clean from the get-go
  • The importance of regulating data centres’ energy usage